NASA - NASA, Ahoora Foundation Unite to Ignite Students' Passion for Science, Space, and Technology

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Jan. 22, 2013
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NASA, Ahoora Foundation Unite to Ignite Students' Passion for Science, Space, and Technology

Space History Photo: Lunar Module Ascent Stage

This image caught the ascent stage of the "Spider" after the descent stage had dropped. CREDIT: NASA | David Scott.
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In this historical photo from the U.S. space agency, the Lunar Module "Spider" ascent stage is photographed from the Command/Service Module on March 7, 1969, the fifth day of the Apollo 9 earth-orbital mission. The Lunar Module's descent stage had already been jettisoned.
Each weekday, looks back at the history of spaceflight through photos (archive).

Photos of Comet ISON: A Potentially Great Comet

by Staff

Asteroids: Formation, Discovery and Exploration

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NASA finds evidence of ancient crater lake on Mars

Groundwater-fed lake in 1.4-mile deep crater may have been habitat, say scientists
Sharon Gaudin
January 22, 2013 (Computerworld)
A NASA spacecraft is sending back evidence that a deep crater on Mars once held a groundwater-fed lake.
The information is further evidence that the Red Planet has a history of water. Last fall, NASA scientists discovered evidence indicating Mars once sustained a vigorous, thousand-year water flow.

Experiment "Plasma-F"


Orbital station "Salyut" - "Almaz"

The idea of ​​the space station - a Long-manned vehicles in orbit - were even Tsiolkovsky and Oberth, but really speak about it on both sides of the Atlantic after the flight of the Soviet satellites in 1957.

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