Here is a brief look at todays newspapers.
Yeni afak says President Abdullah Gl was welcomed with a royal ceremony in Sweden by King Carl XVI Gustaf. All flags including the Turkish flag were lowered half-mast because of the death of Princes Lilian.
Vatan says the mysterious ring photographed by NASA in Iranian capital Tehran, turned out to be the 6 km long LED lighting system built by a Turkish firm in Velayet Square. Director General of the company says the LED system has 16,7 million colors and as the spots face skywards and are too powerful they could be seen from space.
Star says world's biggest real estate fair MIPIM has opened doors in Cannes.The paper says Turkey is the guest of honor at the fair with 28 companies. More than 20 thousand visitors are expected this year. Reportedly, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Erdoan Bayraktar, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topba, and TOKI President Ahmet Haluk Karabel will appear in the fair to talk about Turkey's economic power and to invite foreign investors to consider Turkey in their investments.
Zaman says Turkey's booth at the 47th International Tourism Fair has been selected as the best in Europe. 10 thousand companies from 190 countries are taking part in the fair. The paper says there are 122 companies from Turkey in this fair.
Hrriyet says a new medicine produced from the enzym called "resveratrol", which is found in red wine could elongate the human life up to 150 years after a 5 year long study by Harward scientists. A medical company has already tested the new product on cancer, diabetes and cardiology patients. According to initial results the medicine triggers anti-aging mechanisms of the human body and lowers the risk of age related illnesses, while extending human lifetime.
Milliyet says in a report that Chief Advisor to the British Health Ministry Prof. Sally Davies says antibiotics are as dangerous as terror. Prof. Davies warns that if we don't stop the heavy consumption of antibiotics we could go back to 19th century conditions, where patients were lost on the operation table because of infections.

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