The reason for the melting of the polar regions



N.V.Petrov, International Club of scientists. St. Petersburg, Underlying all climate and weather conditions of the Earth is a universal property: mode of life of all the inhabitants of the planet and on it depends on what hemisphere in a magnetic field is the planet to the sun, or (and) the solar system as a whole on magnetic hemispheres Zodiac and Galaxy. Modern anomalous processes of melting polar ice caps, as well as the formation of ice, permafrost, and hydrocarbons in the other time periods in the same places, have the same cause, and are directly related to the energy of the planet breathing.
Physical processes taking place over the magnetic poles of the Earth, similar to the processes in the jet energy devices based on the ejection and injection underlying the formation and maintenance of individual vortex structures in the form of tornadoes and tornado. With today Space vortex structures observed over the poles of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn.
Can happen is that the physics of a future as a primary simple phenomenon - the ability, similar to the sensation, and based on it will be explained in more
Ordinary judgments about the formation of polar ice is to ensure that, say, the sun's rays in the pole slide over the surface of the planet, and because there is less heat generated. But what has changed now? Geometry of the planet's rotation and dynamics remain the same with respect to the sun, and the ice at both poles are melting rapidly. So, it's not about the angle at which the sun's rays fall on the surface of the Earth. What happened? The answer must be sought in the energy-interaction of the planet and star - the Sun. Necessary to link the phenomenon of the dynamics of solar activity on the Earth's response to them.
In all the years of Earth Sciences has accumulated vast experimental data analysis which allows to say with great certainty that the whole system of our planet itself is maintained constant (within a certain range of values) within the parameters of the planet, in the cerebral cortex and over, in the atmosphere: pressure, temperature , chemical composition, electrical and magnetic properties. For such a process requires a flow of external energy and the actual mechanism of its reception and transformation. On Earth, such a mechanism actually exists - is the plasma mechanism of Solar-Terrestrial Relations in the form of the radiation belts, the ionosphere and magnetosphere. This mechanism is well researched with the help, as the satellite and ground-based observations of the aurora [1, 3,5,7,8,9]. Earth - is an active dipole, and all the dipoles have directed the field of radiation or, in technical terms, pattern, areas of interaction. Structurally, a pattern for the earth is a combination of three elements: a radiation belt, ionosphere and magnetosphere in their functional unity.
Constancy of the parameters of the medium above the crust of the planet is oscillatory rhythm changes, one of which coincides with a period of 26,000 years, corresponding to the zodiacal year - one turn of the solar system of stars in the progressive movement around the center of the galaxy with a period of 217 million years. [2] It turns out that during one orbital period solar system operates over 8000 zodiac turns spiral trajectory. Taking a similar radioactive decay of atoms of chemical elements, we can say that there is a half-life of humanity as a species of the same race - 13 000let.
Every 13,000 years our planetary system moves from one sign of the magnetic field in the opposite direction at the equinox, reaching during the 6500 years of the maximum position of the magnetic field in the space of one sign (occupied point - the maximum daily or maximum night for the entire solar system ). This means that the energy state of the solar control system in general and climate change in the world in particular, is the magnetic field of the galaxy.
Gas breathing planetary body accompanies global processes in the world, while creating an electrically charged ion sphere above the earth under the influence of ionizing solar radiation. Constant field of the planet, affecting the ions and electrons, rejects them in the direction of the equator, and in the equatorial plane of the Earth around the ring currents arise powerful force of a million or more amps. [3] Ring current excites its own magnetic field, which is the magnetic field of the planet by the solar wind. The static magnetic field of the planet interacts with the magnetosphere of the alternating magnetic field of the ring current, creating the effect of the mechanical rotation of the planet and the body begins to rotate within its own magnetosphere, which does not rotate continuously looks its closed part of the Sun. It creates a rhythm of alternating active behavior, in particular of the biosphere, day and night passive. Gas breathing planetary sphere, on which the formation of the ionosphere, the development of her ring currents, and as a result, the rotation of the Earth on its axis, is directly connected with the rhythm of the Solar wind energy our planet [1, 2, 3. 11].
Summary of reasons for the melting of ice in the polar regions of the Earth
Problematic issues of climate change the world is directly related to the phenomenon of active melting ice in the Arctic and Antarctica. In contrast to the widely-promoted anthropic causes warming, the real reasons are related to its energy breathing planet - live part live solar system [11].
In summary, the process is as follows:
- Over the dipole magnetic poles of the planet there are areas (one on each pole), outlined auroral ring diameter of about 3000 km each [Figure 1].

Fig.1. Image aurora oval, shifted the geographic poles in the magnetic poles of the Earth.
- Shift of the magnetic axis of the mechanical axis of rotation of the planetary body's effect is necessary for the absorption of solar wind mass along the open half of the magnetosphere.
- Auroral ring of light, day and night, rapidly narrowing and widening in the respiratory rhythm of the Earth and solar activity, and also depending on the solar wind dynamic pressure [Figure 2].

Fig.2. Phase change auroral oval above the north pole of the planet, where the south magnetic poles, depending on the direction of the magnetic field lines of a sector of the Sun. [1, 41]
As an example of a similar emission of air should be noted that in the real world of work in the parking lot of a jet engine aircraft can clearly see the glow effect intake air into the engine compressor. Initially, the growth speed is observed cord light vortex that rises from the ground at the engine inlet, where it is converted into a circular shape, if the input device is in the form of a circular cone. With increasing engine speed ring enters the compressor, and can re-emerge at the entrance with a decrease in speed. Glowing air - it races seals at the compressor motor.
- Magnetosphere planet slows the flow of the solar wind, setting the electrical interaction of the magnetic field of the Earth with the electrically charged particles of wind [Figure 3].

Fig.3. A scheme of the plasma mantle and the input layer in the model of the active magnetosphere, open to working with the solar wind. Shaded area in Figure dayside magnetosphere, gradually expanding as a fan to suck particles of the solar wind.
- Over the pole of the Earth works rhythmically powerful generator of electricity, creating a swirling flow of fast electrons [Figure 4].

Fig.4. The scheme of the magnetospheric electric power generator over the pole of the planet (the auroral structure building). There is an acceleration of electrons in solar wind [1 - 41]. - The vortex of electrons is an ejector for sucking huge masses of the solar wind from the open part of the magnetosphere.
- A stream of charged particles directed magnetic field lines inside the field of the planet earth.
- A permanent, but variable in intensity auroral glow rings suggests that they are shocks in a dynamic stream of charged particles inside the Earth.
- A powerful energy inspiratory flow, the boundaries of which are outlined within a diameter of 3 000km, cool area of ​​the cortex of the planet at the entrance of the flow in the dense structure of the crust of the Earth, forming ice ocean floor and permafrost Arctic Ocean.
- Inside the dense structures of the planet begins a powerful process of separation of the internal energy flow (by type of energy in modern thermal generators pulse jet type).
- Always there, where it is very hot, there is a plasma, immediately appears carbon, it absorbs excess heat becomes a hydrogen atom for his individual existence in the crust formed by hydrocarbon reserves. For plasma characteristic is the accession of additional protons the atoms that already have hydrogen or often they are used in the formation of polymer chains. Since the hydrogen molecule in the plasma adds third proton, becoming positively charged ion. The same story is methane CH4, it becomes CH5 +, [13, C39], and carbon is a hydrocarbon type CH4.
One of the major shortcomings of modern heat generators using water is the need for regular replacement of water as the working fluid due to produce abundant hydrocarbons in it: the water is black as oil. The same effect is the basis of formation of oil in the crust of the planet in the polar regions of the cortex and the faults in others.
- As in the polar regions of the planet appear zone cooled to ice condition at the top and rich in hydrocarbons at depth.
- According to numerous geology [10], the hydrocarbons (oil, gas, coal tar, carbon deposits) are, in general, not only the result of the transformation of biogenic sediments, and the product of endogenous processes in the crust of the planet: tectonic and magmatic activity. Formation of oil refers to a period when there were no species. Hydrocarbons produced cyclically from the Archean to the Mesozoic and Cenozoic [10], and it is connected to the global processes of growth of the planet's crust, accompanied by copious oxygen and heat, the appearance of carbon in the field of heat from the activity of oxygen. The rhythm of human breathing has all the same features: inhaled oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide.
- Having regard to sectoral (the swastika), the structure of the magnetic field of the Sun and interplanetary magnetic field changes its direction because of the 28-day solar rotation on its axis, the Earth formed in a seven-day rhythm of changing the polarity of the external field - changes the direction of the magnetic field lines. Seven days later they sent relative to the earth from the north to the south, the next seven days - from south to north.
- The magnetic field of the Earth in normal rotation of the planet on its axis does not change (as opposed to the Sun) of the direction of its magnetic field lines in the region of each pole.
- Physics of the interaction of the magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun, such that they are able to connect or disconnect depending on their direction. When the sun's magnetic field is directed opposite to the magnetic field of the planet (from north to south), the lines are merged, and the Earth breathes actively north magnetic pole, absorbing solar wind [Fig. 2].
- When the sun's magnetic field in seven days changes its direction, the magnetic field lines are opened in the North and in the South are closed. Begins the process of active breathing Southern Hemisphere.
- This leads to the fact that along the magnetic axis of the planet currents flowing forward and reverse direction (from each pole to the equator) to the rhythm of about seven days. There is a rhythm of oscillatory processes within the body of the planet, the growth and development of the structures of the planetary population. In time changes the parameters of the radiation field of the Earth - the radiation belt, because it is the dipole radiation pattern of the ball of the planet.
- The symbol of a sector of the interplanetary magnetic field, which is a continuation of the magnetic field of the sun, is an ancient Slavic symbol swastika.
- In the real world there are continuous changes in the sectoral picture of the dynamics of the solar processes as a reaction to the behavior of planetary bodies in his system, and the energy changes on the track of the solar system of stars.
- At the time the sun reduces its activity, there is considerable variability in the spectral composition of solar radiation in the soft X-ray and ultraviolet light [4], and the entire system of planets went into the galactic magnetic field (also having sectoral structure) of opposite polarity, and the depleted electrons.
- Recent studies show that the respiratory rate of the Sun, all the planets and the Earth system, in particular, has changed. Actually disturbed 11 - year cycle of solar flare activity has weakened it. Breath of the Earth has become more calm and measured, the dynamic pressure of the solar wind has decreased. This reaction led to the planet's crust at the poles - stopped by cooling the intake of high-speed solar wind stream.
- And the ice began to melt, began to thaw frozen earlier methane thawing permafrost bottom of the Arctic Ocean in the Laptev Sea.
- One of the additional criteria for the existence of strong energy flow to inside the planet, is the availability of a wide variety of stone balls (from 2.5 cm to 2 meters in diameter and weighing up to 12 tons) or spherulites in the islands of Franz Josef Land. The balls have been found participating Integrated North search expedition of the Russian Geographical Society, done in August 2011 on the yacht "Apostol Andrey". Method of formation of spherulites is still a mystery to geologists, but it is possible that spherulites formed by the path of the rotating beams of charged particles of energy along the magnetic field lines in the form of giant magnetic tube diameter 32kilimetrov. [9] Example of spherulites, similar in essence their polar counterparts, shown in Figure 5.


Fig.5. Example spherulites malachite on quartz substrate. [Geovikipediya.].
- The main feature of energy absorption planetary body is a recording of the magnetospheric generator with capacity of 10 million megawatts (satellite observations and calculations of geophysicist) [1]. Excitation of Earth's magnetic field (magnetic storms) occurs immediately after the active energy of solar wind, after a solar flare. Earthquake, as a sign of enhanced internal processes occur: immediately (on the breath energy) in the polar regions, and in the counter in the equatorial zone of seismicity.
- In 2002, the staff of Karelian Research Centre (Dubnikova IL; Kedrina NF, etc.) investigated zarodyshevoobrazuyuschuyu schungites activity and found that the activity of forming embryos schungites spherulites in outer space increases as their composition carbon. In the present state of shungite - it fulerenovy carbon (30%) and the silicate material to 70%, uniformly distributed in the carbon environment. Carbon shungite highly active forms of educational material. Apparently, the structure of the cortex of the polar region, which is rich in hydrocarbons, there is a lot of spherulites, some of which are pressed on the surface of the islands of Franz Josef Land.
- Geophysics explain why glow auroral ovals only from the perspective of energetic electrons capture solar wind magnetic field lines only on the way to the ionosphere, without considering the dynamics of the process and its relevance to the Earth. Natural tornadoes and waterspouts, and modern mechanical device inkjet energy, such as generators of heat energy from the rotating water flow, etc., demonstrate the fact of allocating internal energy of atoms and molecules with their strong tightening in the longitudinal pulse vortex. Vortices are able to retain their structure because in the capture of the active substance is Disintegration internal energy ties, highlighted the huge thermal energy.
- Observations from orbit satellites show that the structure of the auroral potential [Figure 4] in the bud vortex formation in the form of a longitudinal vortex sucked into the Earth, there is an active interaction between the atoms and molecules of the atmosphere with radiation, accompanied by intense radiation of radio waves.
This radio emission from the auroral glow so much, much higher than the optical emission of the planetary body in space. [1] Land indicates that there is an active energy solar wind, she lives, and her breath talking about it. The same effect of electromagnetic waves observed in the thermal generation and dynamics tornado, tornadoes.
-Glowing ovals and (or) the vortices above the poles are found on Venus [Figure 6], and Saturn, which demonstrates the universal principle of energy cosmic bodies in space.


Fig. 6. Vortex over the south pole of Venus (left), the glow of the auroral oval hexagon formation pole of Saturn (right) (Photo from Internet).
- Ignorant and dangerous nature of the Earth's experts in the heating of the ionosphere by means of ionospheric stations violate the natural rhythm of the earth's energy breathing. This is evidenced by the appearance of the aurora at a time when there is no solar activity. These experiments produce a range of extremes: the growth of seismic activity, the development of tornadoes and typhoons, abnormal climatic situation. Earth responds to artificial excitement just as it responds to solar activity.
You can stop the clock, but you can not stop time. Energy determines the rhythm of breathing oscillation process, making the events and flows of life on Earth and in Space. This effect makes you think and realize that there is only matter in motion, it can not stop the rhythm of breathing and requires the presence of sensitive systems to work with radiation. So you can not stop time, as a measure of respiratory rhythm.
Energy breathing of the Earth can not stop, and it is managed by dual dipole or magnetic field of the planet. Why on earth the two magnetic hemisphere and one generic field of radiation in the plane of the equator. Time oscillation processes can not be stopped due to energy breathing rhythmically matter by appearing and disappearing forms of matter. That is why in nature there is a basic law - the law of conservation of life: every subsequent action occurs on the memory of previous actions, which generate a new structural form of memory, which is a component of the original and modified due to the continuous reproduction of itself in a replica in a rhythmic changes in the magnetic polarity of the medium.
Proposed the idea of ​​giving a clear interpretation of contemporary climate change. It does not contradict the actual events of active melting ice, but differs from the prevailing concepts that are not considered in geophysics energy breathing of the Earth, is not considered the cause and need for axial rotation of the planet and the planet's ability to restore its ball speed. Geophysics believes that concentration of magnetic field lines at the poles contributes to these areas of magnetic mirrors or mirror reflection of charged particles, which does not allow to penetrate the planet any charged particles. In this misses the point - that really exists rhythmic reconnection of magnetic field lines of the Earth and the Sun, which is crucial to the handling of the solar wind in the Earth's interior.
The current active melting of polar ice, thawing of permafrost, and the evaporation of previously frozen methane in the eastern part of the Laptev Sea, due to a decrease in solar activity and, as a consequence, changes in the activity energy breathing planetary body: the planet has to breathe smoothly, like breathing mode rest or sleep. Changing the rhythm of the planet has been proved in [2] with the polarity of the galactic magnetic field on the track of the solar system.
The more powerful solar flares, the stronger the aurora, the stronger the wind energy, the colder polar regions more sharply delineated boundaries climatic regions, increasing the air pressure above atmospheric space organization, the bark of the planetary body and its internal processes.
The fewer or no solar flares, the less or no aurora, the softer climate, blurred boundaries of heat and cold. Consequence of sustained reduction in energy breathing planet will be full exemption from ice both polar regions of the planet, the rise of the water level of the oceans of the planet, changing the speed and direction of ocean currents due to the decrease in water salinity, wet and cold climate in Europe. And this forecast should be considered in the future development of humanity.
At the end of January 2012, an outbreak of the Sun. Two days brightened aurora, the North was a strong anticyclone, sharply colder in Europe and in the whole of Siberia, the Altai. Before that, there was mild weather, and there was little snow. From January 27 to February 2, a series of earthquakes: on the border of Stavropol, Kabardino-Balkaria, in north-eastern Japan, the Kuril Islands, Egypt g.Habarde, Italy, Peru, the Philippines. These events are fully consistent with the previously described reason - energy breathing Earth. Solar flares increased inspiratory capacity of the planetary body, and it intensified internal processes.
No tricks man to preserve intact the planet's climate, proposed in [12], does not have the desired effect. Should pay close attention to the rhythm of the evolutionary process, and seek to form a society in harmony with them [11, 2]. We must stop all experiments with the heating of the ionosphere, which cause increase of seismicity, local changes in climate and other natural disasters, impact on the natural rhythm of breathing planet.
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